About Me

My Name is Travis! And i have been using a wheelchair since I had an Auto Accident in 1990 that left me paralyzed from the belly button down.  That will be twenty years in September.

I have personally used many different types of wheelchairs and sporting equipment over the years; Quickie (sunrise Medical) wheelchair, a Top End Racing Chair, a Top End Handcycle, Ti Lite wheelchair, Invacare wheelchair both motorized and manual, to name but a few.

Over the years I have not let my disability stop me.  I have been white water rafting – i paddled a raft down a class 4 rapids on the Green River in Wyoming and ridden many others,  I have learned to ski in a mono-ski, competed in road races using a racing wheelchair and a handcycle, played tennis in a Tennis wheelchair, I coach a kids camp for kids in wheelchairs and mobility issues, and i plan on doing more.

Being in this situation for as long as i have has given me a special perspective of people with All Abilities.  I will be posting stuff that i find interesting, so check back to see whats new.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting,


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