Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“The Facebook Marketing Book” by Dan Zarrella & Alison Zarrella

This book is for anyone who wants to know more about marketing on Facebook. The information is timely and up to date with figures and step-by-step instructions.

The authors have written the book in such a way as to be entertaining and informative at the same time. It was enjoyable and straightforward to read, and easy to understand.

I liked the way they explained the different options available and gave easy to follow instructions on how to set them up. If you want usable information about Pages, Applications, Events, Groups, and more then this is the book you should read.

Not only did they describe how to set up the Facebook Pages but they gave advice on how to develop a Content Strategy to best promote your Business or Brand. They give you best practices along with bad practices and why they are good or bad.

I Learned a lot from this book, enjoyed reading it and positively recommend it to those who want to learn more about marketing on Facebook.


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