Friday, September 10, 2010

New Cell Phone

I have been using a cell phone for quite a few years now. I have not had a land line phone for about five years or more, and I don't miss it. So, when my cell phone broke I had to use the insurance on it and get a new one.

And I had to wait two days without a phone. I felt so disconnected from the world! I couldn't just pick it up and text someone or call someone, and no one could send me a text or call me either. It was worse than not having the internet for a week!

I have my new phone. Even though it is not configured with all my contacts I still feel like I am back on the grid! I am able to contact my friends and family again.

My question to you is: What makes you feel disconnected from the world around you?

Please answer in the comments & Thanks!



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