Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween in a Wheelchair

Now that I have kids that go trick or treating I have had to modify how we celebrate this awesome holiday. I love the costumes, the parties, and the candy. It's one of my favorite holidays, but making sure my kids are safe is important to me. Being in a wheelchair prevents me from going up to most houses – they have steps!

Here are some very affordable and convenient solutions.

  • Go to the local Mall
  • Find a community event
  • Have an able-bodied partner
  • Only go to houses of known people
For the last two years I have partnered with my Brother-in-Law and we have taken his four kids and my two kids all together. My kids like being with their cousins, and this makes it more fun for them. An able-bodied friend or family member that comes along with you can have fun and eat some of the extra candy.

Before that, my wife and I would take the kids to the mall. They are completely accessible and nearly all of the stores have someone out in front with a big bowl of candy for the kids. Not only is the parking good (with my handicapped sticker) but it is also warm inside when the weather outside isn't

One year our elementary school had a nice harvest festival for the local community that was celebrated on Halloween. It was way cool as it had fun activities along with the candy.

So check out your local community and the local mall for additional activities and places to trick-or-treat, before calling off the fun.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy!




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